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Not local to the community? No problem!
Our online community shines just as strong!

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Our online community shines just as strong! AMOR online personal training still gives you all the benefits of having personalised programming, as well as continuous encouragement and accountability; all with the flexibility of doing your workouts when and where you like.

Online personal training works wonders for a number of people, whether you:

  • Are a new parent working around your newborns schedule

  • Have reduced mobility that requires you to workout from home

  • Travel often so your schedule is rarely consistent

  • Are a full time parent with little ‘me time’

  • Have a busy work schedule and working out at the office is more convenient

  • Just simply prefer the comfort of training in your own home

  • Are unsure of what to do when working out alone

  • Do not have local access to a gym

AMOR is dedicated to maintaining our outstanding standards through our online training programmes. Just because you are not onsite with us, you will not miss out on ensuring you have correct form, any rehabilitation needs, ongoing knowledge and education, and most importantly your personal success.

For some, the thought of working out alone can seem a little tedious, that’s why here at AMOR we have created an engaging platform that allows all our members to support and encourage one another. So no matter where you are on your journey, or where you are in the world…

you are never going at it alone.



7 Reasons To Use AMOR Online Personal Training In Cambridge

Still not sure if online personal training is right for you? Here are 7 reasons why you should give online personal training a try:

At AMOR training we truly are dedicated to you and your success, whether you select our online personal training, our small group training or opt to have one to one training; we are committed to helping you become the very best version of you!


With a wide range of packages and pricing available, there is an option for everybody. 

Better yet, why not claim your FREE taster session today? A completely free, no strings attached session either online or in person –  and see for yourself just how incredible AMOR training really is!


Book A FREE Online Personal Training Session

Claim Your FREE Online Personal Training Session worth £45  *Limited To One Per Person

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