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Whether you are starting out, starting over, or just looking to start something new…Amor is the place for you. We recognise that change can, at times, be a little daunting. At Amor you are in safe – judgment free – hands. Not only will our specialist team make you feel comfortable and at ease, our wonderful community are all here to support and cheer you on too. 

There are so many benefits of having a personal trainer, but first and foremost it is exactly what it says; personal. As a non-commercial gym we have the rare opportunity to really get to know each and every person that we work with, you are not just another member to us, you are a valued part of our AMOR community. Personal training at Amor tailors each workout for your specific needs on that day.  Whilst some guides may offer a good generic program for you to follow, Amor recognises that your personal life, sleep, daily stresses and even your cycle for you ladies, will impact your training day by day. We use our years of knowledge and skill to give you the best possible workout, and experience. 

There is no ‘quick fix’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach here; we take time and care to ensure you fully thrive! Our priority is to help you transform your mindset, your body, your behaviors…and ultimately your life! 

Finding a female personal trainer in the Cambridge area is an easy thing to do. Finding a female personal trainer that takes the time to get to know you, genuinely cares and encourages you and  is dedicated to your success on the other hand, is not. Katy Lark, our inhouse female personal trainer, is guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Katy is a transformation specialist, and we don’t just mean physically. Known for helping her clients achieve goals they never imagined possible; Katy will help you transform your mindset, your body, your behaviors, your confidence…and ultimately your life! 

The Benefits Of Working With A Female Personal Trainer In Cambridge:

Never underestimate the benefits of working with a female trainer. Here are just 5 reasons why female trainers are a game changer:

  • Women understand women. Who better to train a woman than a woman? Granted, all bodies are very different and we all have a different experience, at different ages. However, another woman is going to understand the female body in far greater detail.

  • Judgment free. Not to say that any of our trainers, or members pass judgment. However you can feel comfortable and confident around your fellow female trainer.

  • Accountability. Having an accountability partner can have a massive impact on your success. With our female trainers, you will not only get an accountability partner, but a friend to cheer you on, pick you up and see you through when you are ready to throw in the towel.

  • Educate and evolve. All of our trainers aim to not only help you evolve physically and mentally, but to educate you along the way. So that you feel empowered and confident even when you step outside of the gym.

  • It's in the details. Women have a wonderful way of paying attention to the smaller details. Your personal preferences and ways of working out are quickly identified and integrated into your session plans.

Having your very own trainer to guide you through and educate you along your journey is an experience like no other. However, we understand that as amazing as 121 training is, winning as part of a team is always an adrenaline rush! That’s why we created our small group training classes, to give our members the chance to meet other like-minded people in the Cambridge community, all with the common goal of becoming the best version they can be! 


Cambridge is an area steeped in history, education, science and culture…but the best part about Cambridge? The people! Our community here at AMOR is open to everyone of all ages and walks of life; from 18-91 years (and yes he races down the track as well as the rest of us!).  Although each individual’s reasons for getting started are different, the support and encouragement you receive from the AMOR community is always something you can count on. No matter where you are on your journey, we are with you to take the steps together.


AMOR for so many is the place that allows you to feel mentally superb, a place that allows you to become more confident, a place that for most is an outlet for stress and anxiety, a place not to be judged, and most importantly, a place of community.



Book A FREE Female ONLY Personal Training Trial

Claim Your FREE Female Only Personal Training Session worth £45  *Limited To One Per Person

1 x Personal Training session per month

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Our most affordable Personal Training package.

This membership gives you constant support with our Amor Trainers.

Your Trainer will set you new monthly workouts, tailored specifically for you.

At the beginning of every month you will receive a full body MOT and your trainer will take you through your next 30 day session plan.


per month

4 x Personal Training session per month

Gym Membership

Our most recommend Personal Training package.

You and your Trainer will now be working together on a weekly basis. This allows us to oversee your training in more detail to make sure you are on the right track.

Having regular personal training sessions means your trainer can monitor your progress more closely and make adjustments when needed, to maximise results.


per month

8 x Personal Training Session per month

Gym Membership

Our most popular Personal Training package.

Let us do all the planning for you. All you need to do is turn up and give it 100%.

Our Trainers will learn everything they need to know about you and how your body responds to certain types of exercise. These are the tools that allow us to teach you the most effective way to train.

Your trainer will soon become your best friend in your fitness journey, a relationship which will later lead to success.


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